Diamond Leisure|Diamond Cab

a old woman holding a sign that says “diamond leisure” 一名年邁女士舉著一個牌子,上面寫著「鑽的休娛」。

“Brilliant Life with Diamond Cab” is the slogan of Diamond Cab. Transporting the wheelchair-bound passengers with barrier-free taxis is only the first step to improve their accessibility. We wish to have endless innovation to upgrade their living quality, change the aging culture.

Starting from 2014, we launched the concept of “Diamond Leisure”, seeking corporate sponsorship to transport the elders in wheelchairs regularly with Diamond Cab to enjoy the leisure activities. The first sponsor was Culture Homes which supported four elders in wheelchairs and four caregivers once a month to join night tour. Starting from 2015, we have got the Strategic Partner and Sponsor Lee Hysan Foundation to further support and scale up “Diamond Leisure 2.0”, to serve the over 420 nursing home members of The Elderly Services Association of Hong Kong with the wheelchair-bound elders to join different barrier-free activities, create and sustain the culture of happy aging. Every week the leisure event is organized by the young Diamond Leisure Officers, creating cross generation inclusion, also changing the traditional aging care culture, inspiring the caregivers to have more imagination and adventure.

Those having been benefited nursing homes include Azure Elderly Care, Hiu Kwong Nursing Center, Oasis Nursing Home and Home for the Aged, etc over 100 elders and caregivers. The activities include Karaoke Party, Shabu Shabu Dinner, Sky 100 Tour, Styling Party, Observation Wheel Tour, Chair-based Dancing Class, Dessert Making Class and Night Tour at Tsim Sha Tsui Harbor Front. etc.

Starting from 2016, we got another new sponsorship to scale up the events to 6 times a month, and newly recruited some senior officers who are early retired, making another new meaning of Diamond Leisure 2.0.

For those Nursing Home Members of Elderly Services Association of Hong Kong, if you are interested in joining Diamond Leisure 2.0, please send us information and fax to 3013-8637 or email [email protected]