The Board of Directors


Joseph Ngai, Chairman
Joe is the Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company’s Hong Kong office, and leads Diamond Cab’s board with his experience in strategy development and corporate governance. He has also contributed as SVhk’s Investment Director for social enterprise projects over the past years. He is appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Diamond Cab to help groom this brand new social venture.


Doris Leung, Director
Doris is the CEO of Diamond Cab and is responsible for its daily operation and long run business plans. She is also the Director of Social Innovation of SVhk, contributing her insights and networks to the worthy cause of nurturing innovative social enterprise projects.


Mason Wu, Director
Mason Wu is the partner of Prudence Investment Management and has experience in the banking and finance industry. Mason is also a part-time member of the Central Policy Unit of Hong Kong SAR Government in 2011 and 2012. Mason also actively support the development of social enterprises and offer his experience to help enterprises.


Kenneth Chan, Director
Kenneth is the former Chairman of The Elderly Services Association of Hong Kong. Kenneth has extensive experience in running elderly home service and envisions providing top quality service to face the severe challenge of ageing population. Oasis Nursing Home, which is directly managed by Kenneth, is one of the first Strategic Partners to work closely with Diamond Cab.


Timothy Ma, JP, Director
Timothy Ma is a registered social worker, a fellow of Certified Risk Planner, as well as being appointed as JP on June 31 2012. He is now the Executive Director of Project Flame at the City University of Hong Kong.

Timothy serves at the Town Planning Board, Vice-chairman of Rural and New Town Planning Committee of TPB; Kowloon City District Urban Renewal Platform, Elderly Commission, Board member of Social Workers Registration Board, member of the Social Co-opted member of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Task Force of Commission on Poverty, Member of Hong Kong Housing Society and member of the Specialized Committee of Elderly Housing of the Hong Kong Housing Society as well as being appointed as the Non-Executive Board member of Urban Renewal Authority on May 1, 2013. From Sept. 1, he will also be appointed as a member of Lotteries Fund Advisory Committee.