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The Executive Team & Professional Volunteers

The Executive Team

Doris Leung
Doris Leung, Director
Doris is the CEO of Diamond Cab and is responsible for its daily operation and long run business plans. She is also the Executive Director of SVhk, contributing her insights and networks to the worthy cause of nurturing innovative social enterprise projects.
Josephine Liu
Josephine Liu, Administrative Officer
Josephine has valuable experience as a clerical officer and completed a Social Services Programme Assistant Training course at the Integrated Vocational Development Centre (IVDC) in Hong Kong. Soon after the completion of her training, she joined Diamond Cab. Josephine is also an active volunteer, visiting elderly people regularly to care for them. Diamond Cab is an excellent platform to fulfill her passion for helping the underprivileged!

Professional Volunteers

Keith Chan
Keith Chan
Keith gradutaed from The University of Hong Kong with dual-degrees in business and laws. He a true believer in sustainable social changes brought by social enterprises.
Leo Ng
Leo Ng
While most of his friend is fighting for a position in their professional field, Leo chose to start his career in rapidly developing social enterprises. He used to be an Senior Manager at Social Ventures Hong Kong. He has a Bachelor degree of Information Engineering from the University of Hong Kong.