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Taking a Diamond Cab

Welcome on Board!

Diamond Cab vehicles are Toyota Noah Welcabs, which are specially designed for wheelchair accessibility with a mechanic ramp at the back. A maximum of two wheelchair users can be accommodated on a single trip with their two carers. The cabs are regulated by the taxi licensing authority, which stipulates that a maximum of five passengers can be transported on a single trip.

Diagram of Diamond Cab Seating Plan

Cross Section of Diamond Cab

Diagram of Seating Plan & Cross Section of Diamond Cab

Diamond Cab Wheelchair Dimension Restrictions

Drivers' Training of Diamond Cab

Drivers receive training on the proper use of the Electric Ramp

Service Hours and Areas

Diamond Cab runs 24 hours a day but advance booking is preferred in order for us to best arrange our services. As a pilot operation with five cabs, all routes involving Hong Kong Island and New Territories will have Zone Surcharge because the shift change location is in Kowloon.

Booking Service

Booking Hotline: 2760 8771 (24-hour hotline)

Point-to-Point Charge: Starting from $165 Our call centre will quote an exact fare after you call in; the fare may include zone charge.

Hourly Rental: $360 per hour with minimum booking of one hour.

Airport Pick-up: Minimum HK$740 (excluding parking fee and luggage fee)

  1. Once a booking has been confirmed by our Call Center, any subsequent cancellation made within 24 hours before the booking time would incur a $100 cancellation fee.
  2. If cancellation is made within 2 hours prior to the booking time, passengers will be responsible for paying the full fare.
  3. If cancellation is made within 48 hours for hourly booking over 2 hours, passengers will be responsible for paying the full fare.
  4. In case of emergency, passengers must call the booking hotline 2760-8771 to ask for any changes to the booking time if needed.
  5. Call Center will decide whether the booking time can be changed, according to the latest situation of cab fleet, especially concerns over whether drivers will be able to safely and punctually pick up passengers. Call Center reserves the right to refuse any changes to bookings.
  6. If there are changes of time and/or location of bookings due to an emergency, Call Center will try our best to help but no absolute guarantee for the changes proposed by the passengers. For the same booking, if there is more than one amendment, we will charge administration fee $100 (except for the first amendment which can be free).
  7. In any case, if Call Center is unable to re-arrange the new time and/or location of a booking as requested, the passenger has to cancel the original booking. In such case, the passenger is liable to pay the full fare of the original bookings (within 2 hours of booking time) or administration fee $100 (within 48 hours of booking time).
  8. In light of safety concerns, Diamond Cab reserves the right to refuse any wheelchair rider travelling alone on our cabs.
  9. To ensure the effective operation of our fleet and to encourage passengers to board on time, drivers reserve a right to demand a minimum waiting fee of $180 if a passenger is late for more than 15 minutes.

** Diamond Cab incurs a higher operational cost compared to conventional LPG-taxis as we run on gasoline and boarding time is longer for wheelchair users. We are privately-funded, not subsidied by the Government or any other public institutes, and drivers join as independent self-employed individuals. In order to continue our service, we must strive to be self-sustainable. When determining our fare , we take into account factors such as prices of similar service providers and the service quality of our fleet. We begin with five Diamond Cabs as the starting point and if the market responses positively, we would consider the possibility of expanding our fleet to benefit more wheelchair users.