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Role of SVhk

How Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk) initiated Diamond Cab
Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk)

Venture philanthropy is an attractive and fast-growing concept that has been empowering the third sector around the world in recent years. Instead of giving one-off donations to traditional charities, venture philanthropists prefer to thoroughly engage in the activities of social enterprises or social purpose-driven businesses. Such business models are created to make sustainable and significant impacts on society and engender change. Social Ventures Hong Kong is the city's first venture philanthropy organisation dedicated to financially and intellectually supporting innovative for-profit social enterprises in Hong Kong.

SVhk, a product of its mother organisation, the 30s Group, has successfully attracted passionate young professionals to contribute their expertise to various social enterprise projects. Management consultants, lawyers, accountants, PR and marketing experts and so on have enabled us to make significant progress down the long road of setting up Diamond Cab. We formed SVhk Capital to make social investments into profit-making ventures, and it is a major shareholder of Diamond Cab. Visionaries in venture philanthropy including Ronald Arculli, GBM, GBS, JP, Chairman of the Hong Kong Stock Exchanges and Clearing Limited, Bernard Chan, President of Asia Financial Holdings, and Annie Chen, Private Investor, financially support SVhk Capital. The concept of 'recycling' funding through a sustainable social entrepreneurship model is a new and exciting development for philanthropy in Hong Kong.