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Diamond Sedan Competition @ Stanley Plaza

Diamond Sedan Competition @ Stanley Plaza

Diamond Sedan Competition 2012 Successfully Held - See You Next Year!

Diamond Sedan Competition Group Photo

After almost a year of hard work, the Diamond Sedan Competition was successfully held on 4 November afternoon along Stanley Main Street. In the breathtaking, warm, inclusive and innovative sporting event, a total of 7 teams of over 50 Popeyes transported 5 wheelchair users back and forth for 200 meters in order to compete for the championship. After over 20 competitive races, the results are as follows:

Champion: Crown Motors Limited

Diamond Sedan Competition Champion: Crown Motors Limited

1st Runner-up: South Boys

2nd Runner-up: City U Project Flame

Diamond Sedan Competition 2nd Runner-up: City U Project Flame

In addition, the Best Costume Award was set up for participating teams to showcase their limitless creativity, humor and team spirit. All teams have attempted their best by dressing in interesting costumes and even put on makeup. In the end, a team of South-American participants won the Award by putting on eye-catching Mexican-style hats and fake beard:

Best Costume Award: Latin Power

After the Diamond Sedan Competition, renown wheelchair marathon-racer Ajmal Samuel and marathon-runner Chong Hiu-yeung were invited to participate in a 200-meter friendly match. The public was able to witness a fun and inclusive running race.

The Diamond Sedan Competition could not have been possible without the help of over 60 volunteers. Among them, 10 have spent the past half a year to plan, promote, organize and execute the Competition. All volunteers held the view that the Competition can extend the mission and spirit of Diamond Cab barrier-free taxi transportation and to let wheelchair users live a sparkling life.

Last but by no means least, the Organizer would like to express sincere gratitude to all sponsors, partners, supporting organization, volunteers and popeyes for their active participation. The Competition has been an unforgettable experience for wheelchair users and allowed many audience to feel our passion in creating a more inclusive society. See you next year!

Diamond Cab barrier-free taxi service has successfully finished over 22,500 wheelchair user orders in the past year. In 2012, we will further promote the slogan “Brilliant Life with Diamond Cab” by organizing innovative touring events for wheelchair users.

Sedan Chair is the popular transportation means in 50s-70s in Hong Kong but it was replaced by vehicles which carry passengers with engines instead of manual power.

"Diamond Sedan" revitalizes the old Sedan Chair with trendy and cool design labeled as "One Person Taxi for Wheelchair User" which can also carry wheelchair users by manual power with safety in high standard. Diamond Sedan is dedicated to serve the wheelchair users in areas not accessible for wheelchairs and improve their social life in Hong Kong.

Diamond Sedan

Diamond Sedan Competition is the ever first innovative event to promote ultimate barrier-free experience with Diamond Cab. By organizing this competition with great fun, the social need of wheelchair users and barrier-free culture will further be fertilized to make significant and positive impact for rapidly ageing Hong Kong.


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