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Mobile Gallery for Artists with Disabilities

Taxi advertising is also a social tool

Given the strong social mission of Diamond Cab, we would like our platform to maximise its social value. The exterior of each Diamond Cab vehicle will become a gallery for artists with disabilities to showcase their creative talents with the support of corporate sponsors with strong sense of social responsibility.

Doris Leung, the CEO of Diamond Cab, uses her television production experience in Diamond Cab taxi advertising. With unlimited airtime on a 24-hour news channel, Doris has produced many television programmes covering a wide range of different topics. She envisions the Diamond Cab as a concept very similar to a television channel: a way to display the unlimited ideas, sense of fun and impressive skill in the artistic works of disabled artists all around the city.

The first artwork was created by graduates of two special needs schools under the guidance of professional designer. The logo of the Sponsor is also posted with the artwork on Diamond Cab, realising the perfect blended value of social and business value.

For details, please feel free to email us at: [email protected]

Sponsors for Mobile Gallery for Artists with Disabilities

KeenAble Creation

The pioneering sponsor of the Mobile Gallery is KeenAble Creation which mission is to harness the artistic skills of people with disabilities to further their job skills. The first piece of art showcased on a Diamond Cab is created by graduates of Yeung Yat Lam Memorial School and Buddhist Po Kwong School which are two special need schools. The artwork was completed under the guidance of Maxim Tang, the Creative Director of KeenAble Creation, and it reflects the joyful and colorful elements of childhood.