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"From the Story of Diamond Cab: What can I do for Hong Kong?"

Idea Competition

Diamond Cab barrier-free taxi service has launched over one year and successfully finished nearly 16,000 wheelchair orders. Diamond Cab brings social changes by providing safe and convenient point-to-point transportation, and also makes the public aware of the need of wheelchair users and the caring pressure. We need to act more proactively to tackle with Ageing Population.

Diamond Cab Miniature Cars Encourages Youth to Engage in Social Innovation

Last year Diamond Cab produced the unprecedented barrier-free taxi miniature car, which is designed professionally and sophisticatedly. Over 200 miniature cars were sold so far and now there is car model shop selling at $588 each. To the youth, this professional grade of miniature car is not easy to afford. Doris Leung, CEO, Diamond Cab innovated this Idea Competition encouraging youth to participate with the support of sponsorship. Doris hopes the youth will think more proactively on tackling with the major social challenges of Hong Kong: Ageing Population and Wealth Gap.

All participants holding their miniature car award.

Two Groups Sponsor and also Support Social Enterprise

Lau Ming Wai, Vice Chairman, Chinese Estates Holdings Limited , the Ruby Sponsor said he always supports youth to take more initiatives and participate in charity activities bringing more positive impact to society.

Bernard Chan GBS, JP, President, Asia Financial Holdings Limited, another Sponsor is the die-hard fans of Diamond Cab. Bernard is also the investor and the Honorary Advisor of Social Ventures Hong Kong, the major shareholder of Diamond Cab. He joined with Henry Tang GBM,GBS,JP and Kenneth Chan, Director, Diamond Cab in the Judging Panel to select the finalist ideas.

Diamond Cab organized “From the story of Diamond Cab, What I can do for Hong Kong?” Idea Competition Event at The ONE , TST this afternoon. 100 finalists coming from Hong Kong Christian Service after competing for the first round, have gathered to join the event and been awarded with the Diamond Cab Miniature Cars. The five finalists presented on stage and were challenged in the Q&A session and finally the Champion was recognized. All finalists were awarded totally $3,000 book coupons sponsored by Green Readings and also the Diamond Cab Miniature Cars.

All honorable guests and sponsors on stage.

Eman Lam first participated on behalf of Lam12 Charity Foundation

Young pop singer Eman Lam is active to participate the charity activities since she starts her career. Recently she and her elder brother founded Lam12 Charity Foundation and hope to organize more proactively more meaningful events, serving the people in different needs in our society.

Eman shared "This is the first time I work together with Diamond Cab on behalf of Lam12 Charity Foundation. I try to facilitate the youth to present their innovative ideas with my experience of live performance. I think it is very meaningful and very playful!"

Emma Lam learning how to properly operate a wheelchair.

HK Christian Service Encouraging the Youth to Participate through Competition

Hong Kong Christian Service is one of the major social service organizations in Hong Kong with the mission of the all-round development especially focusing on the deprived communities. Apple Tse, Principal Coordinator said one of their work targets is to mobilize the youth to participate. She hopes by mobilizing the youth to take part in the Diamond Cab Idea Competition, more youth will share their thoughts and ideas on tackling with Ageing Population and Wealth Gap so that hopefully more youth will be more proactively engaging with the social issues in future.

Apple said "By reading the submitted ideas, I found the youth can really make concrete and creative suggestions meaning they did make good research on the topics." Apple shared this Idea Competition is very popular in the school sector and she hopes it can be organized again in near future and encourage more youth to react on the social challenges with positive mindset and actions.

All winners of the Idea Competition

Branding of Diamond Cab is more than just a taxi

Diamond Cab has got great awards in the past year showing the branding is popular and deeply rooted in the public’s mind. Diamond Cab signifies more than just a taxi, but also the momentum of barrier-free culture, social innovation and impact investing. Diamond Cab organized Charity Tour, Mobile Gallery for Artists with Disabilities, produced Miniature Cars and also Idea Competition which evolves the branding impact, also realizes the innovative marketing ideas.

Doris Leung, CEO, Diamond Cab concluded "We have got not only the support of Sponsors, but also the partnership of social welfare and entertainment fields to organize this Idea Competition. Diamond Cab has developed as a very energetic social enterprise realizing the exclusive social impacts locally and also globally."

Doris Leung, CEO, Diamond Cab


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