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Frequently Asked Questions about Diamond Cab

1. Why is the Diamond Cab service concentrated mainly in Kowloon?

As there are currently only 3 cars in the Diamond Cab team, and driver duties are mainly in the Kowloon area, the resulting cost in fuel and time would be too high for drivers to sustain their income if rides are scattered around different parts of Hong Kong. A lower income for drivers would cause difficulties in recruiting new drivers when we expand our team. As our operations are focused in the Kowloon area, we currently have to charge higher fares for rides to Hong Kong Island or the New Territories. We anticipate market changes after our operations commence, and intend to adjust our strategies accordingly, as and when necessary.

Our call centre number is 2760 8771. Call centre operators calculate fares based on the date, time, venue and other information about the journey. A single journey fare costs HK$145 or above, and automatic fare calculation by our computers includes operating costs such as petrol consumption and journey duration.

2. Why doesn't Diamond Cab calculate fares by meter like conventional taxis?

We provide an appointment service as many wheelchair users need to arrange transport well in advance, unlike the normal practice of hailing a taxi on the road. The call centre will quote the fare before an appointment is confirmed, and a Diamond Cab can be rented if the caller agrees to the quoted fare. Although uncommon, this fare calculation method is also legal.

3. Can non-wheelchair users rent a Diamond Cab? How would the fare be calculated if I hire a Diamond Cab on the road?

Diamond Cabs are available for use by non-wheelchair users if and when no wheelchair users have an appointment. A “For Hire” tag will be displayed as an indicator. Under these circumstances, fare calculation will use the same method as conventional taxis.

4. Can a power wheelchair be mounted onto a Diamond Cab?

It depends on the weight and height of the power wheelchair. The powered boarding ramp of each Diamond Cab can take a maximum weight of 200 kilograms or 440 pounds (including both the wheelchair and the person). The height limit inside the Diamond Cab is 1.32 metres, including the person.

5. Is it possible to mount two wheelchairs at the same time?

Each Diamond Cab can hold two manual wheelchairs. For electric-powered wheelchairs, the combined weight of the wheelchair and the user cannot exceed 200 kilograms or 440 pounds, as that is the maximum weight the powered boarding ramp can carry. The height limit inside Diamond Cab is 1.32 metres, including the person.

In the case of two electric-powered wheelchairs, the width of both wheelchairs cannot exceed that of two manual wheelchairs (a total of 22 inches), otherwise the Diamond Cab will not be able to accommodate them. For more information, please refer to Details of Diamond Cab Design on our website.

6. How is the fare calculated if two wheelchair users have different starting points but are travelling to the same destination together?

The law requires chartered taxis to calculate fares based on each single journey. Each journey therefore needs to be charged separately. The journey from the starting point of the first wheelchair user to the starting point of the second wheelchair user is counted as one journey. The journey from the starting point of the second wheelchair user to the final destination is the second journey.

7. Can Diamond Cab carry a family if it is travelling to multiple destinations throughout the day?

The hourly rate of a Diamond Cab is set at HK$360 per hour. Hong Kong law requires that one person be solely responsible for the chartering a taxi during the specified hours, with payment at the end. Passengers can decide on their desired destinations within the specified period of time, and are required to notify the call centre in advance so that we can reserve a cab for you during this period of time.

8. Can non-members hire Diamond Cabs?

Members can make appointments one month in advance, while non-members can only make appointments two weeks in advance. Applying for membership is free and highly recommended, as bookings can be made earlier with less risk of taxis being unavailable at the desired time. We also offer special promotions to our members. Membership registration can be done on our website. If you have any further questions, please call 3484 3582 and we will be happy to assist you.