Diamond Cab - Barrier-free Taxi and Dining Experience

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Barrier-free Taxi and Dining Experience Presented by Diamond Cab and Fairwood

After launching service for over eight months, Diamond Cab has successfully accomplished over 8,600 wheelchair user orders. In recent public holidays, the night orders of Diamond Cab hit the new record, which facilitates numerous family gatherings with wheelchair users. This further verifies how barrier-free taxis improve the living of wheelchair users. Diamond Cab never stops seeking for Strategic Partners and recently found that Fairwood Holdings Limited (00052) was awarded Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Customer Service Grand Award because of their caring barrier-free facilities and services. Diamond Cab then proposed the partnership and got the swift and positive response from Fairwood offering over $700k valued meal coupons for Diamond Cab passengers. Both management hope that the partnership will create even more family gatherings with wheelchair users especially at nights, kicking off the new page of barrier-free consumption and facilitating the social development of ageing population.

There are 35 shops of Fairwood equipped with barrier-free facilities including the widened paths, movable chairs, non-slippery table surface, etc. to encourage more dining at Fairwood in more cozy and user friendly environment. The staff at Fairwood will even help the people in need to order and deliver dishes personally.

Starting from 14 Oct, 2011, Friday, all Diamond Cab pre-booked passengers having taken Diamond Cab two single trips after 6pm to 6am in the same period mentioned will be offered the Fairwood coupon booklet for FREE.