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Diamond Buddy

Diamond Buddy

Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA) and Diamond Cab (HK) Limited (Diamond Cab) work together to launch the "Diamond Buddy" service. A team of specially selected professional care workers from SCHSA can escort wheelchair users to go hospitals, to participate in family gatherings / outings or to handle personal matters by taking Diamond Cab, so to enrich the life of the elderly. SCHSA and Diamond Cab joint hands to bring safe and professional escort journey to elderly and wheelchair users, enabling them to enjoy the diamond-like high-quality elderly care service.

To know more about the Diamond Buddy Service, please contact us at 2345 4455 or visit our website

Diamond Buddy Partner

In 1996, founded by a group of passionate individuals, including Mr. Albert J. Cheng, and Dr. C.K. Law, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association is a self-financing social enterprise and charitable organization in Hong Kong that offers specialized 24-hour personal caring and emergency assistance services to the elderly and others in need, to enhance living quality of the elderly in the community.

Apart from Personal Emergency Link services, SCHSA has developed a series of new services in recent years – including the award-winning Mobile Link service, Safety Phone Service, e-Care Link Service, eSmartHealth Service, and EasyHome Service – as the continuous effort to enhance the living quality of the elderly in the community.