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Charity Tour with Diamond Cab

Not every wheelchair user will be able to enjoy the services of Diamond Cab. We encourage sponsors to support such people in need by joining the Charity Tour at Disneyland Hong Kong. Senior Citizens Home Safety Association, Hong Kong PHAB Association and Happy Grannies: Elderly Sponsorship Action (a social enterprise providing sustainable care to singleton elders) will help to match the benefited cases of wheelchair users.

The barrier-free tour package is the first of its kind. Staff of corporate organisations are welcome to join in on the weekends. Diamond Cab aims to be an innovative platform for human expression and understanding. We hope that by perpetuating a barrier-free culture, the infrastructure for an ageing society will improve in the long run. Interested sponsors, please email the completed form or send enquiries to [email protected]

Charity Tour Sponsorship Form

Supporting Organisation for Charity Tour with Diamond Cab

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Charity Tour with Diamond Cab is fully supported by Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. On 8 May Mother's Day, they sponsored five wheelchair users to take Diamond Cab and enjoy a barrier-free tour at Disneyland, playing around the wheelchair accessible game rides and performance venues. Hong Kong Disneyland also sent the members of VoluntEARS to greet the VIP guests including WK Lam, Chairman of Equal Opportunities Commission, Ms. Miriam Lau and Mr.Paul Tse, Legislative Councillors and Lady Pak. They have enjoyed the nice time with the guests, the wheelchair users including Tang Siu-pun and their families at Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland committed to sponsor the complimentary tickets for Charity Tour with Diamond Cab to show their support to this social innovation. Hopefully more corporates will follow their action to sponsor the underprivileged wheelchair users to enjoy the barrier-free tour at Disneyland.