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About Diamond Cab

Diamond Cab - Top Quality Barrier-Free Taxi Service

Ground Breaking Social Innovation for Wheelchair Users

Diamond Cab (HK) Ltd. is a private enterprise offering point-to-point transportation services for wheelchair users. We have 7 barrier-free cabs that allow wheelchair users to board directly and provides a legal and safe transportation means for wheelchair users and their carers. Up to mid-April 2016, we have successfully completed over 100,000 barrier-free trips.

As the Diamond Cab brand gains publicity, we have encountered passengers will various backgrounds and medical conditions. In order to effectively provide safe transportation, and to allow more wheelchair users to benefit from our services, we ask passengers with individual/special requests to explain their needs in details at the time of booking. We will strive to satisfy requests under available resources and will always place safety and our overall fleet operation as the utmost priority. We hope enterprises with a social purpose that does not accept any government or public funding can continue to operate and thrive to provide needy wheelchair passengers with the Diamond Cab experience. We thank all partners, passengers and carers who have supported and encouraged us all along.